Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

At the beginning of the year, I had NO idea whatsoever how to use the technology in the DLC. I had only one-year experience with the Mac technology. Last year in sixth grade, we had the same laptops we have here, but we didn't learn NEARLY as much. On the first day in the DLC, I learned more than all last year. At the beginning of the year, I would have looked at one of the recent DLC8 projects, and STROVE to make all of mine JUST like that. At the end of first semester, I would look at one of those projects and throw up in my mouth from watching those. After the experience that I have had in the DLC7 to this point, I am looking at everything with my "big kid/Miss Bailin" eyes. Remember how I said that I wanted to make my projects like that, which would mean that I thought that they were A+ projects, but I got to grade two of them, and one got a 50% while the other got a 30%. I don't know about you, but I don't want a failing grade at the beginning of the year. I am really proud that I can call myself a "Mini Miss Bailin" because I think that Miss Bailin is someone that most of the kids in the DLC7 strive to be, because she is a teacher. Teachers make the grades, so people want to have the right ideas so they get the good grades. If I am a "Mini Miss Bailin" then people will look up to me, which is something that I would LOVE to happen. The most challenging project so far is the Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat 2.0, because I had no help WHATSOEVER from my partner. I wasn't really interested in the book so it was hard read, which meant that my creativeness wasn't working, and I couldn't really find anything interesting about the chapter. In the end I had to do all the work, read the chapter about eight times so that I could understand what was going on, and search all of the pictures over again to get the citations. Throughout the whole year my favorite moment was when Miss Bailin officially declared me a "Mini Miss Bailin". I had commented on someone's Thematic Causes DNP and when they read the comment, they started angrily chatting me, and saying that since I graded him hard, he was a freak and a loser and a freaking retard. I sent Miss Bailin an e-mail asking if I was grading really hard, then put the comment in the e-mail. When she replied she said, and I quote,” You definitely have the Miss Bailin down. :) I am very proud of your analysis." When I received that reply, I was really happy that Miss Bailin was proud of something I did. For second semester, I am hoping to do more solo projects, because I work better alone. Also I wish that I could be a leader for any project. I think that I have earned a spot as a leader, but I have some work flaws. If I would happen to be a leader, then Someone in my group would have to start the project, then let me finish it. If you didn't get what I was saying, then I'll put it into simple words: It is hard for me to work from scratch, but once I have something to work with, I can make it a whole lot better.