Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thich Quang Duc set fire to himself in Saigon, Vietnam, and Mohamed Bouazizi burned in Arous, Tunisia. Quang Duc burned because he was protesting to anti-Buddhist discrimination. Bouazizi perished for the unjust government of Tunisia. Thich Quang died while burning, while Mohammed lived through the fire, but died shortly after. Bouazizi'd burning

Both were torched in front of the public. Both of these gave people a spark to get their country's government to change. Worldwide events. the governments both changed after these incidents.

A poem conveying what i am thinking

Silence hates music
it thinks its annoying
music is snobby
music thinks silence is dull

silence likes black and white movies
music loves action
the never go to the movies together
silence yells when music disrups his sleep
making him not so silent

music is like me
silence is like my sister
one time music hung out with silence
it didnt go well.

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